What Diet is Suitable For You

What Diet is Suitable For You

In American Spine Center we always look for ways to help relieve your pain in any area of your life.

Mediterranean diet, many studies have shown that this diet has tremendous benefits. This simple diet, consist of the following a high level of low glycemic fruit, a high consumption of fish, also a low level of dairy products as well as red meat.

Also if you are really into a plant based diet, eating many fruits is beneficial for you, as well as legumes, grains.

Fish oils, are attributed to fatty omega 3 acid content. Studies had been conducted that fish oil consumption had shown that it has anti-inflammatory benefits which is helpful for joint pain. There are various natural sources of fish oil which includes cold-water fish, for example wild salmon, trout and sardines. For those who are vegan & vegetarian such sources of consumption of food are flax seeds, chia seeds and organic soybeans. Fish oil is a major help for the reduction of joint pain which increases your cardiovascular health. If you like broccoli, cauliflower or any type of cabbage, these vegetables majorly help you in the reduction of joint pain.

On the other now spices and herbs come in play, turmeric and finer are spices known for their anti-inflammatory benefit. If you really love tea, green tea is known to be one of the most widely consumed beverages in the world which adds an effect on your health. Studies and researchers have shown that green tea bring changes in arthritis related immune responses.

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