Amazing Health Benefits of Sunlight

Amazing Health Benefits of Sunlight

Benefits of a sunlight

Sunlight & darkness trigger the release of hormones all around your brain. Your exposure to sunlight increases your brains release of a hormone which is widely known as serotonin. Your hormone is a crucial and vital hormone, it uplifts your mood helping you feel calm and focused. Without your exposure of sun your serotonin levels will drop. The lower level of exposure to the sun, which will then lead to lower levels of serotonin, causing that to have a high risk of major depression with seasonal patterns.

In case you did not know the Sun exposure may surprise that helps you in building strong bones. The exposure to the ultraviolet-B radiation the sun rays causes your skin to create the vitamin D you need. For cases of low Vitamin D this made lead to rickets, which is the weakness of bones, stunted growth and in severe cases skeletal deformities this is most common in children. Also low cases of vitamin D may lead to osteoporosis which is the increase of spacing between bones, loss of strength and density. Symptoms of osteoporosis include receding gums, weakened grip strength, as well as weak and brittle nails. Another symptom you may experience due lack and low vitamin D osteomalacia, which is problem with bone formation of the bone-building process, symptoms of this include the following, muscle weakness as well as aching pain in your hips, pain in your lower back, pelvis, legs, and ribs.

Great news for you, as well! Lots of sun exposure can cause cancer prevention which is what we all want! If you want good skin, and healing skin exposing yourself to the sun, can help treat several conditions such as psoriasis (rapid buildup of cells causing scaling on skin’s surface), eczema (severe itchy red skin), jaundice (too much yellowness in the skin and eyes) and lastly acne which is the break out of any types of pimples on the face and cysts.

5-15 minutes of sun exposure is the absolute best 2-4 times weekly, so you can enjoy the benefit of vitamin D boosting of our wonderful sun. Therefore, if you are going to stay in the sun longer than 15 mins please take precaution in applying sun screen to your wonderful skin, of course for protection. At American Spine Center, we always care for your health, because your health is our concern.

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