Month: September 2021

“Vascular Disease Awareness Month”

Vascular disease is a broad umbrella term for a large variety of conditions that affect the body’s network of blood vessels, including the arteries, veins and lymph vessels, often leading to ischemia or insufficient blood flow to the tissues and potentially life-threatening complications. Some of the more common conditions include: aneurysms (bulges in the wall […]
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Pain Awareness Month

“Pain Awareness Month” 10% of the world’s population approximately 60 million people endure chronic pain, and estimates in individual countries and regions indicate chronic pain prevalence close to 20 – 25% Understanding more about the underlying causes of pain can help improve treatments and alleviate suffering. What You Need to Know Nearly 100 million Americans […]
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“Healthy Aging Month” Age like a fine wine

As some people believes in the saying, age like fine wine, it also relates to our health in general. Aging like fine wine means you’re aging good, especially in adult years. It shows that you’ve just gotten better as you age, like how wine tastes better the more you have it over the years and […]
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