30 years of Non-surgical Excellence Recognized as a center of excellence and a pioneer for treatment of spine pathology since 1991, American Spine Center is now bringing its expertise to the Gulf Region. Joints Pain Back Pain Knee Pain Shoulder Pain


Please feel free to contact our friendly reception staff & call center agents with any general or medical enquiry.

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Qualified doctors available six days a week, view our timetable to make an appointment.

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Saturday           9.00 am – 9.00 pm
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Mon – Thursday 9.00 am – 9:00 pm

We pride ourselves in providing Non-Surgical Treatment for our patients.

Our 360 Comprehensive Approach

Our commitment is to deliver the most advanced and comprehensive care to our patients. Our preference and expertise is always for non surgical solutions and our comprehensive services assure you receive the care you need. Our patients enjoy great satisfaction from our team of professionals.

AMERICAN SPINE CENTER –  360 protocol is based on 4 key principles:

  • Consultation & Education
  • Decompression Therapy
  • Non-Surgical Pain Procedures
  • Nutrition & Wellness

Treating Patients From Around the Globe..

Years of Experience
Expert Consultants
Happy Patients

The Best Healthcare For Your Family!

Serve the community by improving the quality of life through better health. We have put protocols to protect our patients and staff while continuing to provide medically necessary care.

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    Please feel welcome to contact our friendly reception staff with any general or medical inquiry. Our doctors will receive or return any urgent calls.

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    Please feel free to contact our friendly staff with any medical enquiry.

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