American Spine Center

American Spine Center

Beit Al-Khair Association

Beit Al-Khair Association signs a memorandum of understanding with the American Spine Center

Date: 19 December 2022

Dr. Hisham Al-Hakim, founder of the American Spine Center – Dubai Healthcare City, and Abdeen Taher Al-Awadi, Director General of the “Beit Al-Khair” Association, signed a memorandum of understanding, according to which the American Spine Center will assume responsibility for treatment for patients registered in the association’s lists, with special needs. For financial aid, or are unable to pursue treatment due to a lack of health insurance coverage.


It is known that the American Spine Center provides integrated services for patients with spine pain using non-surgical methods, and for patients with joints and osteoporosis.


It provides them with integrated services, from medical consultations to radiography and injections under imaging monitoring technology, and then physical therapy with an advanced technology called IDD.

The two sides also submitted proposals to activate the Memorandum of Understanding in various ways, including awareness campaigns to publicize the seriousness of some health conditions such as osteoporosis, as well as campaigns to collect donations on certain occasions and seasons. Donations can also be collected through electronic links, specialized websites, and text messages, or by placing collection boxes. Donations, all for the benefit of patients who meet the conditions of the association.

And with the continuation of cooperation between the two parties, the American Spine Center aspires to provide its distinguished medical services to the largest possible segment of eligible patients, to serve the residents of the United Arab Emirates in the best way it can.