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Neurology Clinic

Neurology is a branch of Medicine dealing with disorders of the Nervous System. Such disorders affect the
brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerves and muscle diseases. Neurologists diagnose and treat neurological

The aim of the Neurology Department at ASC is to offer comprehensive, world-class high-quality care dealing with patients suffering with the whole spectrum of acute and chronic neurological pathologist.

Services We Offer

Neurologists are highly trained clinicians capable of diagnosing complex conditions through detailed history
and physical examination, including testing of mental status, vision, speech, strength, sensation, coordination, reflexes, and gait. Even as medicine becomes more dependent on technology, the neurological exam will remain a critical component of the patient evaluation.

We are different from neurosurgeons as we do not perform brain or spinal cord surgery. However, neurologists and neurosurgeons work closely together for several conditions, sometimes even in the operating room.

Common Neurophysiology's Procedures

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