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Love Your Liver Month

January is often a time that people take stock after the Christmas period but this year it is even more important as the numbers at risk have also increased during the Covid pandemic. Many people have increased their alcohol consumption and gained weight during lockdown – the two biggest risk factors for developing liver disease.

The liver is just as vital an organ as the heart, but people often fail to appreciate the importance of keeping it healthy.  This is why the “Love Your Liver” campaign is so vital to raise awareness of how important it is to look after your liver.

The liver has over 500 functions including:

  1. Fighting infection and disease
  2. Destroying poisons and drugs (including alcohol)
  3. Cleaning the blood
  4. Controlling the amount of cholesterol
  5. Processing food once it has been digested

Why you should love your liver

The liver is a fascinating organ and its importance is often underrated. It’s an amazing multi-tasker and has over 500 vital jobs to do to keep you alive. It’s just as important as other organs like your heart and lungs, but they tend to steal most of the limelight. In the UK, liver disease is on the rise. The three major preventable causes are drinking alcohol, obesity, and viral hepatitis.

When it’s damaged, the liver can repair itself, but only up to a point. Sadly, people with liver disease often don’t have any symptoms until the disease has progressed and it’s far too late for treatment. That’s why it’s so important to know the risk factors and to keep your liver happy and healthy for life – before long-lasting damage can occur. Take your first steps towards better liver health today.

This January, let’s show our livers some love by doing something healthy.

Take a pledge to love your liver and make a change that will benefit your liver health.

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